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Technical Analysis Of Semi Automated Systems 

In Conjunction With Bet Angel Trading Interface. 

Bookmaking and Dutching. Part 3.


The advanced API Betting Exchange interface created by the Bet Angel team provides a full spectrum day trading platform based on technical analysis and market fluctuations.

The Betting Exchange API allows software developers to create super fast applications which harness the power of your own desktop and are therefore not dependent on outages or alterations on the Betting Exchanges own website.

As part of this industrial strength collection of trading tools Bet Angel have developed their arbitrage bots based on the 2 most historically successful gambling strategies, Bookmaking and Dutching.

As already mentioned, as part of my own systems I frequently use the Ladder Trading API interface incorporated with Bet Angel Professional.

You will most likely already have experience of the Bet Angel Basic 1-click interface as detailed in my free report.

Bet Angel Professional Ladder Trading is 1-click’s Big brother.

A cutting edge, real time swing trading and charting interface that plugs straight into the Betting Exchanges databases.

After the Betting Exchanges API release of 2004, early bots were thrown together scanning the racing markets for back column underrounds less than 100, or lay column overrounds above 100.

When spotted, the entire field could be auto backed or laid to a guaranteed profit.

It was something of a scrum down for a while, but inevitably as more  Betting Exchanges bots competed for smaller margins, the strategy became fruitless. Examine the daily markets as they develop today. 

You will never see a market drift out to 105% lay column nowadays.

The Bookmaking bot provided in the Bet Angel trading package is THE superior product in its class.

Here are the specifications incorporated into my designs:

Rigorous rules on racing form and fundamental analysis pre race (making sure you are on the right horse in the right race)
How to identify a “take on” or bad favourite using field and margin reduction techniques essential skills for developing a viable Dutch.
How to get the most from the powerful Bet Angel staking software to assure the correct configuration for the initial Book or Dutch. (Staking methods)
How to use the full range of online resources, technical analysis, charting tools, horse racing and betting websites to build a weight of evidence pointing to profitable bets and guaranteed price fluctuations.
How to ask for and bag margins for your Dutch or Book and develop guaranteed Betting Exchanges arbitrage positions by asking the market to come to you.
Precise configuration for automation of trigger rules that activate at the exact moment when the market moves to create your “arbitrage window” and get you on the Book or Dutch at the best pre-race prices available.
How to use ladder trading effectively, how to set stop losses, and analyze an entire market to predict profitable trading positions and likely price directions. How to correct liabilities pre race.
How to save pre race bets inplay. The rules that you must adhere to, to make inplay racing a viable profitable part of your overall long term strategy.
How automation rules can be used to best effect inplay to cover liabilities or generate extra profits.

This striking array of essential criteria were then put to the test in the field, real time, with real Betting Exchanges betting exchange users of varying abilities and expectations.

The results showed conclusively that they can be applied several times a day, to build profitable pre race positions regardless of the outcome of the race.

Because the Bet Angel client sits on your workstation it connects directly to the Betting Exchanges databases via the Betting Exchanges API, and so provides light -speed access compared with the Betting Exchange's internet GUI.

The only specification is of course a high quality workstation and a good broadband connection. Precise configurations for your home network infrastructure are specified in my websites Free Report.

When you have your Dutch or Book configuration complete and the arbitrage automation rules trigger, all your bets simultaneously hit the Betting Exchange servers.

Because you will have been thorough in your preparation and pre race technical analysis, when your bets are fired in you will have a higher likelihood of achieving lay at back and back at lay prices to build your margin on the race.

Avoiding unnecessary liabilities and overall capital protection “should be” bywords in any realistic system and I outline in great detail the exact procedures that should be taken, at exactly which points, when a price “switch” event happens and the starting price moves against you.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence and tell you that all trades will go your way every time. 

Its what you do WHEN a trade on the Betting Exchange goes wrong that determines whether you will be in the market tomorrow or not.

And i don't need to tell you - if you are not in the market you are finished.

As I move through the systems I introduce the concept of “pattern seeking” behaviour.

The final strategy in my book brings all my work together. The old and new world of horse racing combine, with tight and precise form analysis meeting state of the art day trading betting software.

I fully explain the field and margin reduction techniques which allow you to spot poor favourites, and then harness the power of Bet Angel to modify the staking and profit targets in order to achieve the greatest possible market value for the Dutch.

The way the methods dovetail with one another is little short of remarkable and demonstrate how profitable it can be to fully understand and utilize a range of techniques from the old world of fundamental form study - AND the brave new world of automated computer systems.

As I discuss at the outset of my book different types of race present completely differently in terms of how easily they can be predicted and analyzed, and accordingly how the market reacts and shapes the betting.

Throughout my work I stress the importance of hard work and improving ones knowledge of the sport to develop a natural instinct for horse racing and the future that I believe lies with semi automated racing systems.

Part of the beauty of the Ladder Trading API available with Bet Angel is the ability to visualize an entire pre race betting market. This is an enormous advantage in terms of being able to “feel” liquidity and predict price directions and volatility.

As professional traders in finance we learn about the market “spread” in basic training; how much money has already been matched and at precisely what prices. It is something we will examine and use in our daily work in great detail. 

Viewing the entire price ladder with Bet Angel in this way allows us as betting day traders to get a unique picture of the market and in turn make precise predictions with respect to support and resistance price levels, and this in turn allows us to develop price bands.

This basic technical analysis allows us to predict with great accuracy the next direction for prices.

A full spectrum professional day trading platform like Bet Angel also includes the ability to set stop losses.

The Betting-Exchange-Trading systems wait for arbitrage windows to open and as the market moves out of line Bet Angel will be configured to fire all your bets into the market. Back Bets for Dutching and Lay bets for Bookmaking.

The Betting Exchange market itself responds quickly to close arbitrage windows as soon as they are recognized and so prices can move very quickly up or down on particular horses.

Situations change very rapidly in the 15 minutes pre race as horses enter the ring and professionals get their first look at the horses. 

Betting Exchange markets can punish or reward fancied and unfancied horses very severely and SP’s can double or half accordingly in a matter of minutes.

Pre race Betting Exchange market fluctuations can only be described as "financial day trading on acid".

Setting Stop Losses has never been more important than it is on a Betting Exchange. Detachment from the process, and damage limitation are utterly criticall for success and Bet Angel Professional again meets all the criteria.

I have written previously about the psychological make up required to be a successful betting exchange trader.

“Consistency” is a personality trait common to all human beings; unfortunately it is the death of many traders (career wise).

Consistency is "the desire to be proven right once one has committed oneself to a particular decision".

For example, you have placed a bet in the back or lay column and “consistency” to that trading decision means that the price MUST move in the direction you predicted or you will not be able to trade out for a profit.

Unfortunately the factors that made you predict the price movement 2 minutes ago are no longer valid. Something in the ring has changed, the betting market view about the horse has changed and a price switch event has happened. This is REALITY.

Fortunately using Supercharting we can limit the likelihood of this happening.

We have all been here, the evidence is plain to see as the price moves further against you and the red liability climbs steadily. Do you :-

  1. React with a stop loss, reassess the situation and begin trading to reduce the liability?
  2. Sit there waiting for another price switch even to happen and the liability to fall?

If you don’t know the correct answer then you are not ready for the Betting-Exchange-Trading systems!

Even though the evidence is staring you in the face in bright red as a terminally increasing liability, the average Betting Exchange trader sits there like a rabbit in the headlights to his imminent doom.

The systems that I have created combine a variety of different racing and betting “cultures”.

I have taken my entire knowledgebase from the worlds of:


Form study.

Race fundamentals.

Race types.

Techniques for field and margin reduction.

And combined them with powerful day trading betting software that provides:

Technical analysis.

Automated arbitrage staking and triggers.

Techniques for liability protection pre race and inplay.



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