Betting Exchange Race Trading Formula:

"At Last, Proven, Profitable Strategies That Guarantee Your Betting Exchange Success..."

"Pro Trader Reveals Exactly How the Betting Exchange Elite 3% Win Your Money. And Just How Easily..."


What is the real obstacle to making consistent daily profits from your trading on the Betting Exchanges?

You may have discovered that there is a critical missing link in your trading chain that so-called “experts” always somehow manage to avoid telling you.  

Time and again punters approach me with one pure and simple question


"How do you KNOW which horse's starting price, in which race, is going to move to a significant enough degree to cover the market spread, and allow you to trade so confidently?"


"Steaming" is the movement of a horse's price downward. "Drifting" is the reverse - movement of horse's price upwards.


1./ 17 Years as a Stock Market Investor and Day Trader (Spreads and Finance).

2./ 5 years as a traditional recreational horse racing punter.

3./ 2 years of Betting Exchange punting breaking even.

4./ 2 years using customized day trading methods refined specifically for the Betting Exchanges. 

5./ Average 0.5 - 1% weekly Profit on Turnover.  8-12% Capital Growth. *


Most professional traders working the immediate pre-race markets look for steamers because they generate somewhat greater liquidity due to fewer backers of horses which are drifting (for obvious reasons of sentiment).

It is entirely possible to trade in both directions. 

So you know what you are looking for, but... 

How do you find them? 

Where do you look? 

When do you look? 

and so crucially...

How can you predict Steamers and Drifters in advance?

Unfortunately, this is where most trading “advisors”, system writers and betting manuals will leave you. 

Like so many promises of wealth and success on the internet, you get some hype, then more hype, a little bit of advertising, and then a tiny nugget of an idea at the end which can cost you hundreds.  

Not this time! 

"Mike is in a class of his own, and seems totally committed to producing the very best quality training. He appears to be writing about value and at the same time producing it in absolute bucket loads" ... Steve C. (eBooks Online) *


I will be showing you exactly and precisely with full screen shots every single essential detail and clue you need to find steamers or drifters that you can get on early enough to guarantee a worthwhile profit.

As your skills improve, you will subconsciously develop and fine tune your own trading style and expertise. You will discover for yourself just how easy it is to spot steamers and drifters. 

The art of identifying a price move in advance of the market and timing your trades is something you WILL develop by study and practice using these techniques.

You will get everything you need to know to develop this particular skill until it becomes second nature.

By developing and harnessing this skill alone you will become a more profitable trader.

This skill will also enable you to create superior dutch and book positions using the advanced strategies.

There are a host of vital clues and indicators that point to obvious steamers or drifters.

Ultimately it's knowing exactly how, when and where to go to identify these factors and clues in advance of the market that holds the key to your career as a trader.


"Mike points out that many punters percentage win ratios are not actually that far off being in profit. Its getting that extra 10% that can make the difference between profit and loss"...Alain A. *


The beauty of using the UK racing markets is that they happen 363 days of the year at an average of 4 meets a day in the UK alone. 

I will teach you the importance of logging, recording and analyzing your trading. You will have different strengths and weaknesses as part of your specific psychological makeup. 

Part of modeling success is being able to identify exactly what works best for you and doing more of what does (and less of what doesn't).


"To model success you cannot model style or results.  

You can only model technique...."


You will start to spot the same pre race form and price patterns time and time again, and at this stage you are already ahead of 95% of your competition.



Identify and successfully trade Steamers and Drifters on the Betting Exchanges.

Discover how to harness the power of  Supercharting. In depth analysis of Ladder Trading, Swing Trading, Momentum Trading and Scalping. 

Fully explained, in detail examples. Trade with the professionals using Quick Moving Back Averages, Price Envelopes and Long Weight of Money Moving Averages.

Finally eliminate the guesswork, and start trading the pre race markets with the confidence of real time live indicators.  

Study and memorize the chart patterns that tell you precisely when, and equally crucial, what "type" of trade you are entering.

A full demonstration of the power of Bookmaking.  

Use state of the art trading software and automation tools which will allow you to consistently and effectively set your margins, ask for lay at back prices, and actually create your own over-round. 

Every punters dream and the only surefire way to success. Why waste your time trying to "Beat the Bookie" when you can actually "BE the Bookie".

I reveal with detailed analysis the acclaimed Dutching strategy, "The Flying Dutchman".

I introduce the precise software configuration protocol and semi automation techniques that have been described as a "new era in betting technology" 

System profit on turnover proven in repeat field testing to reliable and consistently high margins. 

In my Dutching methodology i give you in minute detail, powerful exclusive field/margin reduction techniques.

See how fundamental form analysis combined with real time system generated staking mathematics has created one of THE most reliable and profitable systems devised to date.

Trading techniques fully demonstrated using Bet Angel Professional.



Without doubt there will come a certain point in your life as an exchange trader, where you will come to the realization that one size simply does NOT fit all.

The truth is that many different systems and strategies are required on an event-by-event, day-by-day basis.

Obviously, making consistent and sustainable profits is absolutely what you should be aiming for from your trading and system betting.

You will be reading this because you have already taken the first step in deciding, correctly, that the betting exchanges are the way forward .

I will NOT be making any madcap claims as to the level of profit that YOU will achieve.


"At last someone is prepared to stick their neck out and show the average punters just how the professionals are going about making their living on the Betting Exchanges. I knew you had to be using special software and special techniques.

Everything has fitted into place for me, I’m comfortably making good profits every day now and that’s what I intend to continue doing into the future"....Tom J. Milton Keynes*


Betting Exchanges ARE simply the perfect day trading platform for horse racing. 

The runners and riders ARE your stocks!

The reason the Betting Exchanges have become THE perfect “trading” medium for the small day trader is due to the massive volatility involved in modern horse racing, PLUS enough liquidity around the top horses in a race to produce tangible markets.

Lets examine the facts:

  1. A horse race is a defined entity, an event with prices starting the night before, a pre-determined race start time and race end, meaning the "Stock" exists essentially for less than a day. This makes the market too volatile and unpredictable for institutional investors therefore:-

  2. It is  a collection of small players and traders like yourself pitting your wits against each other, the system, and the races.

  3. The starting prices given early in the day reflect a purely historical form-based assessment of a horses chance due to past performance, as viewed by the bookmakers. But as the day wears on “news” begins to move prices up or down rapidly.

  4. As the race draws closer and the horses start “going down” the action really takes off. Prices which were at 10/1 in the morning can be 5/1 or 20/1 by the time the horses are entering the stalls.

  5. Using special tools experienced traders can expect to scalp these markets with relative ease. I will teach you the secrets behind locking in these profits on a daily basis.


There is ONE trading and betting toolkit that will in itself, in conjunction with my techniques give you the advantage you need to make money on the Betting Exchanges

I will show you what it is, how to use it and how you can try it for FREE.

As an intermediate Betting Exchange trader you will already know that identification of horses whose prices WILL move is absolutely and utterly the "skeleton key" to everything you need to know about making money on the Exchange's and kick starting your new life as a trader.


Let's get one thing straight about Betting Exchanges:

When you start creating winning positions then the winnings you will receive are being transferred from losing punters.

Betting Exchanges are purely and simply the medium, a unique advanced platform set in a race trading environment, hence the phrase “Exchange”, a market that  matches your money directly with money from another punter or punters with an opposing view about an event.

If you are backing an “event” to win then the money you are wagering is matched directly with someone else who is “laying” the event to lose.  

"The more people using these, and any other methods and systems on the Betting Exchanges the better for everyone."

For every punter that wins using these systems, there will be a hundred others who will be using this and/or other systems.

90% of people attempting to learn and follow this or any other system will ignore a lot of the rules and caveats, will attempt to run before they can walk, or won’t be as good or determined as the top 10%.

Therefore they will lose their money, which in turn becomes available for you to win!!

What is most important is that the Betting Exchange retains a high level of liquidity. Since they are largely global and with improved internet speeds, none of the Betting Exchanges suffer from liquidity problems these days. 

Every day hundreds of new members are joining and, more so than any other platform, it has created its own highly liquid and stable ecosystem that allows pre-race trading to flourish.

Ask yourself honestly!

Are you having problems with any of the following common pitfalls? :-

Yes   No
1./ Do you ignore the rules and caveats inherent in your system?   
2./ Do you chase losses the moment your system hits a losing day?   
3./ Do you avoid using stop losses consistently?   
4./ Do you ignore your own staking plan when you get a "hot tip"?   
5./ Are you impatient and believe that you deserve to get rich quick without dedication and discipline?   
6./ Do you get downhearted and give up before achieving your goals determined that the system is at fault?   
7./ Do you have the wrong psychological profile to deal with the losing runs inherent in betting on animals?   
8./ Are you failing to analyze and record your betting at the end of a session in order to adapt and fine tune to your own strengths?   
9./ Do you believe deep down that you are incapable of making consistent sustainable profits from your exchange trading and betting?   
10./ Are you happy to just leave your betting as it currently is - an expensive hobby, giving your money to other punters or bookmakers?   


"now I can see exactly how ladder trading works and the benefits of using the enhanced interface and quick moving average. I’ve finally got the hang of scalping like you recommend mastering first, and am moving onto bookmaking next, I really want to get the software working for me its just like you say its all so easy when you know how. ......Ellie L. Perth  *


"Bet Angel really is clever software, I just feel like I’ve got a massive advantage over the rest of the market now. I'm waiting for the market conditions to come to me rather than chasing around the markets like a headless chicken.

I don’t even feel stressed anymore by the end of racing, I’m just following your instructions for setting up the interface like you say, sitting back and letting the market come to me, then watching the automation take over inplay"...Pietr W. Rotterdam.   *


I stopped using laying systems and use dutching instead. Ultimately i get better value, i can manipulate positions and profits on different horses through the software to create my own margins. I'm basically switching the overround to my advantage pre race. 5% on turnover no prob!...Richard P.  *


"Mike declares from the off that what separates winners from losers on the Betting Exchanges is the ability to spot impending price movement, and he shows you how to do it"...Ben C, Bexley.  *


"I was sick to death spending hours and days building up a pot with boring laying systems and then seeing all my profits get wiped out by a single winner.

Mikes approach made a lot of sense and for the price it was definitely worth a punt. All i can say is brilliant! Its changed the way i bet."...Steve B, West Ham *


Betting-Exchange-Trading offers you a FREE Bet Angel Pro trial  in partnership with Optic Ltd.



You should understand the basics of your chosen Exchange platform already.

All trading profits result from maintaining a small but consistent percentage profit above turnover. 

This works because the Betting Exchanges allows you to continually recycle your capital through the markets. 


"Final effort was the enhanced supercharting setup with the quick moving average, price envelopes and LWOM moving average exactly as shown in chapter 3.

Pretty shocked really i just kept winning. Small amounts at first waiting for the patterns and indicators to tally up and by the end of the first afternoon i was £24 up. It's still hard work but its so worth it when you are winning!!"...Dan M, Fulham  *


"The field reduction techniques for Dutching are truly radical. This has totally changed the way i bet. Before i was following the herd and now i am truly betting against the crowd"...Arun S. UK  *



My search for value and semi automated field reduction patterns over the years tentatively revealed betting strategies that stand alone as highly profitable systems. 

As you know, i DO NOT advocate pure bet to win, or lay to lose strategies, and i am utterly adamant that any attempts at full automation of trading software are doomed.

What i do strongly believe in are Field/ Margin Reduction methodologies.

I have collected all the data necessary to PROVE my strategies and turn them into a series of logical, step by step, pattern based systems, with play by number rules.

These systems are a charter for success! But, they ARE demanding, require dedication, skill, logic and attention to detail."

... Betting-Exchange-Trading


"Talk about under promising and over delivering. After decades in the doldrums UK horse racing is back in the saddle"... Tom S. (Online Casino Reviewer)  *


"This is completely off the scales. You talk about semi automation then present system datasets that can make £300 a month from only 4 bets, and £600 a month from 6 bets with no intervention"...Andrew S. (London)  *


An invaluable quadruple system portfolio:

Flat racing juveniles in Maidens and Non Handicaps.

Why betting on juveniles can be so lucrative and how you can use your new skills to take advantage. 

Field/Margin reduction systems for ALL handicaps.  

Handicap racing gets a bad press as we all know, but it is undeniably the mugs favourite, driven by "talking" horses

With some extra effort and proven techniques i will show you how to pinpoint and target true value.

Jumps racing analysis: Novice Hurdles, Novice Chase and Hunter Chase

As you know specific types of jumps race provide astonishingly high favourite win ratios, but not all racecourses are created equally. 

I reveal some quite startling information that gives you a cutting edge over the competition.

How to use danger horse betting to cover winning selections. 

Winning systems are fine, but how can we smooth out the profit curve to reduce losing runs.

The Future: All Weather Speed Ratings.

Obviously, you know what they are, but most punters haven't a clue when it comes to actually using them. 

Hear how picking the fastest horse isn't enough to generate profit. 

Find out how the professionals use speed pars to analyze consistency, reliability, improvement or decline as well as just average speed. 

An exclusive preview of my new All-Weather spreadsheet-ready speed system that will rewrite your AW racecard ratings. 


"Mike continues to shock the racing fraternity with his success at automating profitable betting exchange racing systems"...Mark W. G. (Racehorse Trainer,Cheshire) *


"Mike is certainly one of the personalities on the scene, but what is undeniable and most important, this guy delivers 101% time and time again"...Alan S. (AffiliateFirst Vendor) *


"I'll be honest i was a really really bad gambler. Mike has taught me how to treat the Betting Exchanges as a business. If i can do it anyone can."...Ken M Sheffield



Want A Tip? Don't Bet On Horses!

Trade Dutch and Be The Bookmaker!



Mike J Davies



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